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Top Best Engineering Colleges In Maharashtra, India 2023

Maharashtra all top best engineering colleges 2023 list with their previous year cut-off lists district wise. check here now


Top Best Engineering Colleges In Maharashtra, India 2023

Top Best Engineering Colleges In Maharashtra, India

What is Engineering?

Engineering is a 4 years Degree course in which 6 semesters and each semester contain different subjects like mathematics, drawing, machine design, etc.

In Engineering there are multiple streams like mechanical, electrical, civil, computer engineering, and many more stream's which are you choose on your own interests?

How Engineering is done?

Engineering is done after completion of the 12th in Science mathematics group.

How many ways to enter engineering?

There are currently 2 options for access to engineering.  Using 2 options you can get your admission to the best college according to your merit. 

Your quality means that if your marks are good then you can get a reputed and high-quality college and through that college, you can get good knowledge and a high package job in a good company.

To doing Engineering there are two ways that are available now. Those ways are the following:-

1) 10+2 by giving CET and JEE

After the 10th choose science and in which choose mathematics group. After that, the entrance of Engineering depends on your 12th% or CET & JEE marks. If you get better marks in JEE then you will get the Admission for Engineering in reputed colleges like IIT, NIT, COEP, etc.

And if you want to get admission in a good college by doing 11th and 12th then you need 150+ in CET and 200 or 250+ in JEE to get IIT.

2) By Diploma Engineering (Polytechnic)

- What is a diploma in engineering?

A diploma in engineering is a short term 3 years diploma course. In which there are a total of 6 semesters and each semester has different subjectsAnd after 6 months of the semester, there is an exam.  It has a wide variety of branches to choose from.

In Diploma you can choose any stream according to your interest like mechanical, civil, electrical, computer engineering, etc. After Diploma you will get direct second-year Admission in engineering on the basis of your diploma final year aggregate %. So, here in diploma, you will get good marks in the final year then you will get good and reputed colleges except for IIT & NIT.

There is only one drawback to get degree Admission after diploma i.e the limited seats. Yes, there are only 10% of seats are reserved for diploma students to get a degree in Engineering Admission.

-What is the criteria to get admission in direct second year engineering?

To get admission in Engineering through Diploma (Polytechnic), the marks of the final year of your diploma are looked at.  

This means that the aggregates of the 5th and 6th semesters of your diploma are looked at.  If your final year aggregate is good, you get a good college.

-How many seats in direct second year engineering admission after diploma?

There are a few limited seats in the direct second year of Engineering.  From 2019, the number of seats to get admission in engineering by doing a diploma has been decreased from 20 to 10.  

This means that before 2019, the direct second-year diploma holder had 20 seats for each college, but if it is reduced by 10% from 2019, then at present, there are only 10 seats for each college.  Each of these 10 seats has a different number of seats.

- After Diploma In Engineering Jobs?

With a diploma (polytechnic) you can also get a job as a junior engineer or as a diploma trainee.  And if one wants to pursue further education, he can enter the direct second year of engineering.

Maharashtra all top best engineering colleges 2023 list with their previous year cut-off lists district wise. check out and click on the below district for the best engineering colleges in a particular city.

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